[ONLINE] - Leaving Afghanistan


When the Taliban rose to power in Afghanistan a little more than one year ago in August 2021 it sent shockwaves around the world. Now one year on, the devastating challenges faced by so many Afghans who fled are coming into sharper view. Many of those who fled the country are still struggling to make sense of what happened and how to think about home. Last year, New America in partnership with The Intercept set out to make sure the voices of Afghan journalists, researchers and educators—the country’s most steadfast human rights defenders—would still be heard. And, now some are finally getting a chance to share their stories in a documentary podcast and series of investigative articles recently produced by The Intercept in collaboration with New America. Launched only weeks after the dramatic fall of the U.S. backed government in Kabul, the Afghanistan Observatory cultivated a network of exceptional scholars who today are remaking their lives by making sure no one at home is forgotten.

Join us on September 15 to learn more about how eight extraordinary young Afghans, a group of veteran American war correspondents, and dozens of newsroom volunteers banded together across five time zones to make sure the stories of Afghanistan’s best and brightest continue to be heard.

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Humaira Rahbin
Afghanistan Observatory Scholar

Mir Abdullah Miri
Afghanistan Observatory Scholar

Vanessa Gezari
National Security Editor, The Intercept, and the author of The Tender Soldier

Candace Rondeaux
Director, Future Frontlines, New America

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