[ONLINE] - Future Security Forum 2021: Day Two

20x20: Redefining National Security for 2040

New America and Arizona State University are pleased to invite you to the 2021 Future Security Forum, which will be held online September 13-14, 2021. This year’s Forum marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Forum sessions will reflect on the past 20 years of U.S. security policy, and chart the next 20 years of national and international security trends.

The Forum is the premier annual event of New America and Arizona State University’s Future Security project—a research, education, and policy partnership that develops new paradigms for understanding and addressing new and emerging global challenges. The Forum brings together thought leaders from government, academia, the military, and the media to reflect on the legacy of the United States’ “longest wars,” discuss the impact of the past two decades of U.S. policy, and chart national and international security trends.

Co-sponsors for the 2021 Future Security Forum are Joint Special Operations University and the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College.

Day Two Agenda

12:30 pm - Welcome Remarks

  • Paul Butler, President and Chief Transformation Officer, New America
  • Pardis Mahdavi, PhD, Dean of Social Sciences, Arizona State University

12:45 pm - U.S. Leaves Afghanistan: What Next?

  • Ambassador Roya Rahmani, former Afghan Ambassador to the United States; non-resident Senior Fellow, New America
  • Col. (ret) Ioannis “Gianni” Koskinas, Senior Fellow, International Security Program, New America
  • Shamila Chaudhary, Senior South Asia Fellow, International Security Program, New America; Former Director for Pakistan and Afghanistan, U.S. National Security Council
  • Fatima Gailani, President, Afghan Red Crescent Society
  • Candace Rondeaux, Director, Future Frontlines, New America, Professor of Practice, Arizona State University (moderator)

1:45 pm - Break

2:00 pm - The Future of COVID-19

  • Leana Wen, MD, former Baltimore Health Commissioner, CNN medical analyst, Washington Post contributing columnist, author of Lifelines: A Doctor's Journey in the Fight for Public Health 
  • Emily Schneider, Co-Editor of the New America/ASU Coronavirus Daily Brief (moderator)

2:15 pm - What Does Terrorism Look Like 20 years From Now?

  • Javed Ali, Associate Professor of Practice, University of Michigan, Non-Resident Fellow, International Security Program, New America, Former Senior Director for Counterterrorism, National Security Council
  • Rebecca Ulam Weiner, Assistant Commissioner for Intelligence Analysis, New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Bureau
  • Karen Greenberg, PhD, Director, Center on National Security, Fordham University School of Law (moderator)

2:45 pm - What is the Future of Climate Security?

  • Honorable Sharon Burke, President, Ecospherics, and Senior Fellow, International Security Program, New America

3:00 pm - What Should be the Future of U.S. Policy in Latin America?

  • Jorge Castañeda Gutman, PhD, former Mexican Secretary of State and author of America Through Foreign Eyes, former Bernard Schwartz Fellow, New America
  • Isabel Migoya, Stakeholder Manager, U.S.-Mexico Foundation, Future Tense Research Fellow, New America

3:20 pm - How Should Congress Shape the Future of National Security?

  • Senator Mark Kelly, U.S. Senator, Arizona
  • Ryan Shaw, PhD, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives and Senior University Advisor, Arizona State University (moderator)

3:40 pm - Day Two Concludes