21st Century Proxy Warfare


From Libya to Syria and Ukraine to Yemen, proxy warfare is back with a vengeance. Yet today’s tightly networked world of mercenaries, militias, terrorist entrepreneurs, and other armed actors operating alongside renewed inter-state rivalry both among great powers like the United States and Russia but also regional powers including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel poses new challenges. In their new report, 21st Century Proxy Warfare, New America's Senior Fellow Candace Rondeaux and Senior Policy Analyst David Sterman examine the contours of today’s proxy warfare, the potential for escalation, and how it requires new analytical and policy frames to address the violence rending societies across the Greater Middle East and its periphery.

Join New America's International Security Program as they welcome Candace Rondeaux and David Sterman for a discussion on these issues, with comments from Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff.


Candace Rondeaux, @CandaceRondeaux ‏
Senior Fellow, New America's International Security Program
Professor of Practice, Arizona State University

Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff
Research Professor, Strategic Studies Institute at Army War College
Former Director for Iraq, National Security Council


David Sterman, @Dsterms
Senior Policy Analyst, New America's International Security Program

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