Improving Eviction Data

The U.S. lacks quality and accessible data on evictions. How can we address these gaps, locally and nationally?
April 28, 2023

Eviction has become one of the most visible manifestations of America’s housing crisis. Millions of families face eviction each year, and an abundance of evidence has detailed how the eviction process itself is destructive and traumatic with lasting and negative consequences for adults and children alike.

And yet, there is a paucity of quality, accessible data on evictions in the U.S. To address this challenge, New America’s Future of Land and Housing Program (FLH) has convened housing, data, and innovation experts as well as municipal leaders from across the country to better understand the current state of eviction data in the U.S. This includes identifying critical data gaps as well as recommendations for improving the collection and quality of eviction data.

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