Blockchain firms engaging with Property Registries

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Feb. 16, 2017


Factom announced they will do so in Honduras, but the project has stalled: IPRI Case Study.


  • Ubiquity announced that their product - a Bitcoin blockchain based Software as a Service (BaaS) has been used to "secure" a transaction in Virginia.
  • The city of Rotterdam, CIC and Deloitte are developing applications to record leases on the blockchain "for the first time."

BitFury announced they will put Georgia's registry on a blockchain.

ChromaWay announced they are working with Sweden's national land registry on blockchain and smart contracts: see their white paper.

Velox.RE announced they are piloting the blockchain with Chicago's Cook County.

In Ghana, there are at least two organizations that are active, but not obviously engaging with the government exclusively to deliver blockchain nationally, these are BenBen and Bitland.


  • BitFury expands role in Georgia: Press release, Forbes article & FPR write up.
  • Two firms mentioned in connection with Dubai at the World Government Summit: ConsenSys & Synechron. In March, ConsenSys was named the Blockchain City Advisor to the City of Dubai.
  • The State of Illinois announced a broad Blockchain plan that will lead land registry work. The partner is the banking consortium R3.
  • Ubiquity launches a pilot in Brazil, starting in the regions of Pelotas and Morro Redondo. Per the IBT, "a parallel platform will be built to replicate the existing legal structure of property ownership recording and transferring. In time, they anticipate creating a vastly superior system that incorporates blockchain technology for ultimate accuracy and security."
  • In April, Bitfury announces an MOU with Ukraine to put "all of the Ukraine government's electronic data onto the blockchain platform."

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