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Jan. 9, 2019

Every month, we feature the work and insights from current and past National Fellows. You’ll learn what books and longform articles our Fellows can’t put down and they will offer advice on common challenges for writers and filmmakers.

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  • May 2024: JoeBill Muñoz on his film The Strike.

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  • April 2024: Emily Kassie on her film Sugarcane.
  • March 2024: Sian-Pierre Regis on multi-generational living.
  • February 2024: Jonathan Blitzer on the long history of the border crisis
  • January 2024: Olivia Goldhill on the future of psychedelics.



  • December 2022: Monica Potts on inequality in rural America.
  • November 2022: Jennifer Medina on Latino voters and the midterms.
  • October 2022: Abrahm Lustgarten on staying engaged with climate coverage.
  • September 2022: Meet the Class of 2023!
  • August 2022: Ellen D. Wu on Asian Americans and racial justice.
  • July 2022: Keisha N. Blain on finding joy as a scholar.
  • June 2022: Josh Chin on surveillance in China.
  • May 2022: Melissa Segura on pursuing justice through journalism.
  • April 2022: Daniel Bergner on treating mental illness.
  • March 2022: Karen Levy on surveillance at work.
  • February 2022: Emma Findlen Leblanc and Taylor Lee Nagel on America's Forever Wars.
  • January 2022: Matthieu Aikins on covering the collapse of Afghanistan.


  • December 2021: Julian Brave NoiseCat on the art of advocacy.
  • November 2021: Rose Eveleth on the future of podcasting.
  • October 2021: Peter Bergen on decades of reporting on Afghanistan.
  • September 2021: Meet the Class of 2022!
  • August 2021: CJ Hunt on telling the truth on screen.
  • July 2021: Cecilia Aldarondo on the global importance of Puerto Rico.
  • June 2021: Brian Goldstone on the working homeless.
  • May 2021: Yi-Ling Liu on writing human-centered narratives.
  • April 2021: Bart Elmore on investigating large multinational firms.
  • March 2021: Jude Joffe-Block on reporting on communities in crisis.
  • February 2021: Marcia Chatelain on history as a tool for activism.
  • January 2021: Trymaine Lee on his approach to storytelling.