Silicon Valley Gets Behind Initiative to Challenge Trump’s Agenda in Court

High-profile donors from tech and Hollywood are funding a law group at Georgetown to fight for the Constitution, especially when it involves directly undermining President Trump’s policies.

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Media Outlet: BloombergTechnology

Joshua Geltzer was quoted in BloombergTechnology on the founding of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at the Georgetown University Law Center and its filing of a lawsuit in the aftermath of the Charlottesville white-supremacist rally:

“You shouldn’t have rogue militias that don’t report up through state authority and government,” said Joshua Geltzer, executive director at the institute. “They weren’t official, and yet, they had semi-automatic weapons.”

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Joshua Geltzer is an ASU Future of War Fellow at New America. He is writing a book exploring challenges associated with modern communications technologies such as social media platforms, file-upload sites, and internet search engines.