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The top 10 audiobooks on

Liza Mundy, Senior Fellow, had her book Code Girls featured in the Associated Press’ top 10 list of nonfiction audiobooks on

In 'No Turning Back,' The 'Epic' Journeys Of Four Syrians In Wartime

Rania Abouzeid appeared on NPR's Fresh Air and Weekend Edition to discuss her book, No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria.

Logan Nonfiction Program Welcomes Spring 2018 Fellows to Carey Institute

Sara Hendren, Eric & Wendy Schmidt Fellow, was named a Logan Non-Fiction fellow at the Carey Institute for Global Good in spring 2018.

Groups Help Defend Gary Against Challenge to Its 'Welcoming City' Immigration Ordinance

Joshua Geltzer was quoted by the Chicago Tribune on his defense of the City of Gary, Indiana from a legal attack on sanctuary cities.

Alexis Okeowo wins the 2018 PEN Open Book Award

Alexis Okeowo won the PEN Open Book Award for her book, A Moonless, Starless Sky.

Trump Uses 2002 Law Authorizing War Against Saddam to Justify Detaining an American in 2018

Joshua Geltzer was quoted in the Daily Beast on the U.S. citizen currently detained in Iraq who is believed to have joined and fought for IS

Dismantling the Digital Poorhouse

MPPF Myacah Sampson wrote a review of National Fellow Virginia Eubanks' new book, Automating Inequality.

As Trump Wavers on Libya, an ISIS Haven, Russia Presses On

Joshua Geltzer was quoted in the New York Times on the instability in Libya:

The Rise of 'Digital Poorhouses'

Virginia Eubanks was interviewed by CityLab to discuss her new book, Automating Inequality:

Souad Mekhennet wins the 2018 Ludwig Börne Prize

Souad Mekhennet, Eric & Wendy Schmidt Fellow, was awarded the 2018 Ludwig Boerne Prize.

How big data is helping states kick poor people off welfare

Virginia Eubanks was interviewed in Vox about her new book, Automating Inequality:

Investigating the Bridge Between Engineering and Art with Sara Hendren

National Fellow Sara Hendren was quoted in Make Magazine about her design work in disability: