U.S. Increasingly Sees Iran’s Hand in The Arming of Bahraini Militants

Article/Op-Ed in Washington Post
Manu M Nair / Shutterstock.com
April 1, 2017

Souad Mekhennet wrote for the Washington Post about Iran's increasing intervention in Bahrain:

The men who built the secret bomb factory had been clever — suspiciously so, Bahraini investigators thought, for a gang known mostly for lobbing molotov cocktails at police. The underground complex had been hewed, foot by foot, beneath the floor of a suburban villa, with no visible traces at street level and only a single entrance, hidden behind a kitchen cabinet.
But the real surprises lay inside. In one room, police found $20,000 lathes and hydraulic presses for making armor-piercing projectiles capable of slicing through a tank. Another held box upon box of the military explosive C-4, all of foreign origin, in quantities that could sink a battleship.