Exactly How Stupid of an Idea Is a U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit?

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Photo: rzoze19 / shutterstock.com
Media Outlet: Slate/Future Tense

Josephine Wolff wrote for the Slate Future Tense blog on the ill-advised idea of creating a joint U.S.-Russia cybersecurity unit:

A cybersecurity partnership with Russia would inevitably make the United States weaker. It would make our computer systems weaker by providing information and access about our network infrastructure. It would make our definition of cybercrime weaker by forcing us to collude with a country that harbors some of the most reprehensible cybercriminals in the world. It would make our defensive posture weaker by signaling to other countries that they are free to do what they like to U.S. computers. After all, the only consequences they are likely to face are invitations to please come help us protect ourselves.


Josephine Wolff was a Class of 2016 & 2017 Cybersecurity Initiative Fellow at New America, where she will write a book about cybersecurity incidents from the last decade, tracing their economic and legal aftermath and their impact on the current state of technical, social, and political lines of defense.