About Us

The New America Fellows Program brings on thinkers — journalists, producers, practitioners, and scholars — whose work enhances the public conversation about the most pressing issues of our day.

In an age where journalism is dominated by the 24-7 news cycle and academia is becoming ever more esoteric, our fellowships provide opportunities for talented individuals who need support to pursue more ambitious endeavors. Books. Films. Photo essays. Longform storytelling. Policy projects. Work that gets to broad audiences and changes the way we think. Voices that represent the diverse backgrounds and ideologies of the American community.

New America fellows are selected on a highly competitive basis and serve — some full-time, some on an adjunct basis — for a one-year term. During that time, we aim to give them an intellectual home where they have the time, space, and resources to pursue their projects; a community where they can learn from one another; and opportunities to engage with others at New America and help shape the longer-term agenda and focus of our organization.

The program is run by Peter Bergen, who is also a Vice President of New America, and directs the International Security and Future of War programs.

The fellows program is made possible by the generous support of our funders:

New America Board Members

The Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Center for the Future of Arizona

The Emerson Collective

The Schmidt Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation