Parent Notification

No Child Left Behind sought to empower parents by providing them with information about how their students, schools, and school districts were performing. Under NCLB, states and local school districts were required to provide parents with annual school report cards describing their student and school performance. Local school districts were also required to produce and provide for parents a report card for each individual school.

State, school district, and school report cards were required by law to  include the following information:

  • Percentage of students scoring at each proficiency level on the state assessment, in the aggregate and disaggregated by subgroup

  • Comparison of student performance to state's annual goals for AYP and, for schools and districts, to statewide and local averages

  • Percentage of students not tested

  • Two-year trends in student achievement

  • Other indicators used by the state for AYP

  • High school graduation rates

  • Teacher qualifications, including the percentage of classes taught by teachers who are not highly qualified

  • For states and school districts, number and names of schools identified for school improvement

  • For schools, whether or not the school is identified for school improvement