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Do 80 Percent of Top Students Really Get Into an Elite College?

That might be the case for an 18-year-old who has eyes only for Yale. But as the New America Foundation’s Kevin Carey argued in the New York

New Frontiers in Data Gathering: Mystifying Personality

So here comes one notable attempt to fill that gap. Working for the folks at New America, Melissa Tooley and Laura Bornfreund have authored

How dozens of failing for-profit schools found an unlikely savior: a debt collector

“I find it ironic that a company whose history is in student debt collection is now going to run a set of colleges that excelled at sending

What Every School Can Learn From Preschools

Tooley and Bornfreund argue educators should be paying more attention to how schools are building these skills at all ages, and even holding

Schools Urged to Teach Life Skills for Success Alongside Academics

A new report by the New America Foundation emphasizes the value of these "skills for success" and encourages K-12 educators to integrate act

The Cost Of Graduate School

We hear first from Andy Bridges, who lives in Baltimore. He got his Master's in Applied and Professional Ethics at UMBC in 2004. Then, Sheil

Why The Government Supports Everest University’s Controversial Sale

"Any group with no expertise as an education company, I would have said it was strange,” said Ben Miller, a senior research analyst with the

Media: Washington Post's Valerie Strauss Mangles Duncan Staff Moves

It always makes me a little bit nervous when Valerie Strauss tries to go back to straight news reporting after all those weeks and months bl

Worthy Work, STILL Unlivable Wages: The Early Childhood Workforce 25 Years After the Child Care Staffing Study

Despite the significant increase in qualification requirements for the early childhood workforce and the wealth of research on early develop

ECMC CEO Explains Deal to Buy Troubled Corinthian Campuses

I followed up the interview with an email two hours ago asking about a concern that now has been raised publicly by New America's Ben Miller

As GW looks to up national profile, merit-based scholarships increase

Steve Burd, a senior policy analyst in education policy at the New America’s Education Policy Program, said schools also increase their meri

Corinthian Colleges to sell 56 campuses across U.S.

"ECMC is not an education company; they've never granted a degree," said Ben Miller, a former policy advisor at the Department of Education