Happy Thanksgiving from Higher Ed Watch!

Blog Post
Nov. 21, 2006

In his Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, President Bush noted that, "Our citizens are privileged to live in the world's freest country, where the hope of the American dream is within the reach of every person." That's a moving sentiment, and we look forward to the day when it becomes true via an improved education system. President Bush also pardoned two turkeys this morning ("Flyer" and "Fryer" will live to see another day), but we plan on eating ours--and that means taking a quick hiatus from Higher Ed Watch until next week.

That is, unless something really bad or really good happens in the world of higher education. Recently, Secretary Spellings' efforts have been focused elsewhere. Congrats to the real Wonkette for her performance. Though she did not win, she performed admirably against tremendous competition. In order to participate, she allowed the good people at Jeopardy! to choose her charity for her, and we admire the committment to good ethical conduct. Now, it's time for her to concentrate on other tasks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We've got a lot to be thankful for here at Higher Ed Watch, and we hope you do too. Safe travels for all, especially college kids headed home for a well-deserved break.