[ONLINE] - Reconceptualizing Public Procurement to Strengthen State Benefits Delivery and Improve People-Centered Outcomes


Join the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI) at New America and the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) for a two-part panel discussion of challenges and opportunities for improving state safety net benefits delivery with digital solutions procurement processes. Panelists will speak on lessons from a broad range of combined experience in the field.

The first panel will focus on the greater procurement landscape and identify broad culture shifts that need to happen to transform the field of public procurement to deliver improved outcomes. The second panel will offer insight into specific, actionable recommendations for tackling common procurement hurdles and capitalizing on opportunities for growth for public procurement practitioners and teams.

This panel discussion accompanies the publication of Reconceptualizing Public Procurement to Strengthen State Benefits Delivery and Improve Outcomes, which looks at how digital systems that are procured by states have a direct impact on government services and the millions of people eligible for benefits. This report offers recommendations from experts in the field to improve benefit outcomes through public procurement reform. A link to the report will be shared at the event.


Allison Price
Senior Advisor at the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative, New America


Marina Nitze
New Practice Lab Fellow, New America


Afua Bruce
Author, The Tech That Comes Next

Kathrin Frauscher
Deputy Executive Director, Open Contracting Partnership

Bruce Haupt
Director with the Public Sector & Education Practice, Alvarez & Marsal

Coreata R. Houser
Deputy Director at the Department of Innovation and Economic Opportunity, City of Birmingham

Christen Lara
Health Information Technology Director, Behavioral Health Administration

Ayushi Roy
Deputy Director of New Practice Lab, New America

Jennifer Wagner

Director of Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities