New America and Stanford Cyber Policy Center Announce Collaboration for DigiChina's Future

Press Release
Jason Leung / Unsplash
June 6, 2019

Stanford University’s Program on Geopolitics, Technology and Governance (GTG) and New America are proud to announce a new collaboration to continue and expand the work of the DigiChina project. GTG launched today as a core pillar of Stanford’s newly established Cyber Policy Center within the Freeman Spogli Institute (FSI) at Stanford. DigiChina will become a joint effort with GTG.

“I am thrilled about teaming up with New America to take DigiChina to the next level,” said Andrew Grotto, FSI research scholar and director of GTG.

Ian Wallace, director of New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative, added, “New America is very proud of what DigiChina has achieved over the past two years, but we recognized that in order to achieve its potential we needed a university partner, and we could not hope for a better partner than Stanford.”

Since 2017, New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative has been home to DigiChina, a broad, cross-organization collaborative effort among specialists to give the English-language world better insight into the debates and outcomes around digital economy policy in China.

New America is dedicated to renewing America by continuing the quest to realize our nation's highest ideals, honestly confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create. GTG is uniquely situated within both a major center for international studies, FSI, and a world-leading university central to the global history of digital technology and located in the heart of Silicon Valley. GTG’s research and teaching missions focus on technology policy at the intersection of international security and economic affairs.

DigiChina is grateful for the pathbreaking support of the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative of the Harvard Berkman Klein Center and the MIT Media Lab, and a continuing partnership with the Leiden Asia Centre of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

“After nearly two years of translation, analysis, and scholarly community building, this new Stanford-New America collaboration will serve as the foundation for our plans to continue and expand DigiChina’s work at a time when digital policy issues related to China are increasingly central to so many global events,” said DigiChina editor Graham Webster.

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