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Voice Army Cyberchief: I want to move fast, cultivate talent, and get corporate info

He argued that transparency between the U.S. military and private industry is better than keeping cyber vulnerabilities a secret. Openness i

Obama to Highlight Cybersecurity Proposals in State of the Union

While U.S. government computer systems are generally well-protected, the same cannot be said of many private and corporate networks, said Da

Barack Obama places cyber security high on his agenda

Peter Singer from the New America Foundation agrees with the White House that it wasn't a serious breach, but he says it was a minor propaga

North Korea’s growing hacker army, stout cyberdefenses hinder U.S response to Sony breach

North Korea is “just not as vulnerable in cyber as we are, so cyberactions we might take to press the buttons of another nation won’t have t

Cyberwarfare: The new front

As Shane Harris says in his timely new work of contemporary history, "@War," growing inexorably in recent years. The United States and its a

The Morning Download: Sony Attack Is Cybersecurity’s ‘Snowden’ Moment

The digital assault on Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (much more on that below) has changed the public’s perception of cybersecurity, much

Cyber Expert Peter Singer: Sony's Embarrassment Has Set a 'Horrible' Precedent

"The ability to steal gossipy emails from a not-so-greatly defended computer network is not the same as being able to carry out physical 9/1

The Sony Hack Is Not an Excuse to Pass Bad Cybersecurity Laws

As cybersecurity expert Peter Singer noted in our interview yesterday, "the ability to steal gossipy emails from a not-so-great protected co

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #46: An Interview with Shane Harris

But Harris is first and foremost a storyteller, and his zeal for the story is far more important to him than ideology. When he tells the st

Cyber Pearl Harbor plausible, says cyber military expert

And if there was a major cyber attack on U.S. critical infrastructure, "we would see that as the beginning of something, not the end of it.

Sony Hack Attack: Cybersecurity Expert Reveals How Massive Breach Might Have Happened

Peter W. Singer, former director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence and the author of ”Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: Wha

The US Needs a New International Strategy for Cyberspace

As we approach the four-year anniversary of the initial International Strategy, it’s time for the United States to issue a new strategy to a