In The News

Justice Department Indicts Seven Iranians for Campaign of Cyberattacks

Robert M. Lee was quoted in Christian Science Monitor about the implications of the Iranian cyberattack indictments.

None of the Above

Website security questions stress me out. How am I supposed to choose and remember a favorite book or favorite teacher?

Meet The Ex-Army Hackers Trying To Save America From Blackouts

Robert M. Lee was profiled in Forbes.

Military Hits Snag in Silicon Valley Recruitment

Katie Moussouris was quoted in the Hill about military recruitment in Silicon Valley.

US Tech Firms Bypassing Pentagon to Protect Deals with China, Strategist Says

Peter Singer was quoted in the Guardian about US-Chinese relations.

Pentagon Deploys Cyberweapons Against Islamic State

Peter Singer was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about cyberweapons and the Islamic State.

Pentagon Admits It Is 'Looking to Accelerate' Cyber-Attacks Against ISIS

Peter Singer was quoted in the Guardian about cyberwar.

Hacker Lexicon: What Counts as a Nation’s Critical Infrastructure?

Robert M. Lee was quoted in WIRED about the nation's critical infrastructure.

EU and US Clinch Data-Transfer Deal to Replace Safe Harbour

Peter Swire joined the BBC to discuss the replacement to the safe harbour laws.

European and U.S. Negotiators Agree on New ‘Safe Harbor’ Data Deal

Peter Swire was quoted in the Washington Post about the new Safe Harbor deal.

Russian hackers suspected in attack that blacked out parts of Ukraine

“Attribution is difficult and requires time.”

When should a robot say no to its human owner?

It’s more difficult to determine than you might think.