Old Laws and New Technology: How Can We Keep Up?


Around the world legal frameworks are failing to keep pace with technology. Domestically nations are struggling to secure consumers’ privacy and conflicted about how best to manage the effects of powerful new technologies like artificial intelligence without stifling innovation. 

Is regulation necessary, or can voluntary frameworks suffice? Where are the current points of failure in our legal system? Where are the strengths? What responsibilities do technologists have? What should policymakers avoid in developing new regulatory efforts? What are the consequences if we fail? How can policy catalyze innovation? 

The American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security , New America, and Pitt Cyber host a discussion of the widening gap between coding and codes. Former US Attorney David Hickton, known for his groundbreaking cybercrime and cyber espionage indictments, will share his view from the front lines of enforcing existing laws, after which an expert panel discussion will discuss the issues raised. 

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David Hickton
Founding director, Pitt Cyber and former US Attorney, Western District of Pennsylvania 


Paul Cohen
Founding dean and professor, University of Pittsburgh, School of Computing and Information, former program manager, Information Innovation Office, DARPA 

Harvey Rishikof
Chair, Advisory Committee, ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security and former Dean of Faculty, National War College 

Ian Wallace, @pianwallace
Co-director, New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative and senior fellow, International Security Program 


Kiersten Todt
Resident scholar, Pitt Cyber and former executive director of the Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity