About the FIU-New America C2B Partnership

The Florida International University - New America Cybersecurity Capacity Building Partnership (C2B Partnership) brings two cutting edge institutions together to address one of the biggest issues of our day: cybersecurity.

Cyber insecurity is not an issue that will suddenly be fixed by a “silver bullet” technical or policy solution. Even as the risk inherent in connectivity increases, so too does global reliance on network technology for everything from sharing cat memes to conducting interstate commerce to organizing history-altering protests. Only those individuals, companies, organizations, and countries that can build the capacity to thrive in such an environment will thrive. In short, we see cybersecurity capacity building—in state and local governments in the U.S., at the federal policy-making level, in industry, and with the workforce broadly—as one of the most pressing challenges facing the world now and into the future.

Cybersecurity capacity building is the process of developing expertise, skills, tools, and policies needed to help people, organizations, and entire nations face and manage the risk inherent in the increasing connectivity of society. At New America’s C2B Partnership, we are pursuing four major pillars of C2B work: building workforce capacity, building capacity at the state and local level, international capacity building, and building the capacity of policymakers to understand the complexity and nuance of cybersecurity policy issues.