[ONLINE] - Ensuring Workplace Technologies are a “win-win” for Workers and Employers


Most workers experience technology at work in the form of workplace technologies, not automation. With the advent of ChatGPT and quickly maturing generative artificial intelligence, workers and labor groups, employers, policymakers, and technology vendors are all scrambling to strike the right balance between benefitting from previously unimaginable levels of productivity, creativity, and cost savings while mitigating unintended consequences of AI-driven workplace technologies.

Since 2021, the World Economic Forum and New America’s Center on Education and Labor (CELNA) have been working on a research and storytelling project to ensure that workplace technologies benefit employers and workers equally by emphasizing improvements in job quality and business needs such as productivity gains and cost reductions. 

Join leaders with expertise from the lens of employers, labor, policy, and academia for a discussion on how we can ensure we strike this important balance.

Join the conversation online using #BetterFutureOfWork and following @NewAmericaLabor.

Opening remarks:

Anne-Marie Slaughter
CEO, New America

Kay Firth-Butterfield
Executive Director, World Economic Forum’s Center for Trustworthy Technology


Shalin Jyotishi
Fellow at New America and the World Economic Forum

Tom Kochan
George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, MIT

Christina J. Colclough
Founder, Why Not Lab

B Cavello
Director of Emerging Technologies, Aspen Digital, a program of the Aspen Institute