A bunch of 20-somethings convinced Goldman Sachs' most senior staff to give $200,000 to a nonprofit

In The News Piece in Business Insider
June 10, 2016

Eric Liu and his nonprofit, Bayes Impact, were covered in Business Insider.

Goldman Sachs had settled on Bayes Impact after searching for an organization that demonstrated impact, scalability, and innovation. The analysts embarked on an extensive due-diligence process, getting to know Bayes' management team and connecting them with Goldman's own information security team.
Bayes' cofounders Paul Duan, 24, and Eric Liu, 25, were similar both in mindset and in age to the analysts, who are between 23 and 25 years old.
"We were initially drawn to them as a group of [young], like-minded individuals that had a passion to affect impact on a very large scale in real time," Benjamin said. "That's something tech can do in a way that nothing else can."
Liu said the Goldman Sachs juniors went out of their way to get to know his organization — digging into its model, asking for filings and documents, getting to know individual groups within the company, and even speaking to its board members.
"For a group of people that had no experience in the nonprofit space, they probably came out with a stronger pitch for Bayes than I've given before," he said.