[ONLINE] - How Black Communities Can Achieve Employment, Business, and Income Resilience During and After COVID-19

"COVID and the Black Community" Session III

New America CA is committed to ensuring that the perspectives of the Golden State’s Black communities are represented and engaged in finding innovative solutions to pressing public problems. A global pandemic is quite the “pressing problem” and its repercussions will not exclude even those who live amidst the world’s fifth largest economy.

While it’s true that the COVID-19 outbreak impacts all Americans, it has, quite simply, impacted Black America differently. The coronavirus has deepened disparity. Longstanding systemic barriers and racism have intergenerational impacts and have set the stage on which the current situation is played out -- we cannot respond to the crisis without facing those barriers explicitly and as a community.

Join New America CA on Thursday, May 14th at 2:30 PM PDT for How Black Workers’ Jobs, Businesses, and Income Can Withstand the Strain COVID-19, the third session in our online series, “COVID and the Black Community.” This live streamed conversation, inspired by our New America colleagues in Indianapolis, features local and national experts.

Stability and security of jobs, businesses, and income are elusive for many Black Americans due to systemic biases and challenges, from redlining to pay gaps. This pandemic has caused widespread income and business loss. Even with interventions like rent/mortgage moratoria or the CARES Act, many in the Black community have been thrust further into economic precarity, and have lost ground on wealth building during the COVID crisis. Leaders in the economic equity space will discuss these challenges and share resources and ideas explicitly supporting the Black community during and following the COVID-19 crisis.

Registration is free and open to all.


Angela Glover Blackwell, @agb4equity
Founder in Residence, PolicyLink & Member of Governor Newsom's Task Force on Business and Job Recovery

Heather Foster, @HeatherFoster20
Head of Policy Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Lyft 

Rodney Foxworth, @RDFoxworth
CEO of Common Future


Autumn McDonald, @Autumn_McDo
Senior Fellow & Head of New America CA

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