Anne-Marie Slaughter: Technology for the People


In the tech world and beyond, government is often seen as slow and tech illiterate—the antithesis to innovation. However, this misperception is rapidly changing. Governments in San Francisco and cities across the nation are starting to harness the power of technology to tackle the biggest problems we face today. By partnering with technology, government becomes more accessible and efficient, and citizens can engage in change like never before.

Anne-Marie Slaughter has seen firsthand how this innovation is possible. She served as the director of policy planning at the State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton and is currently the president and CEO of the nonpartisan think tank New America. She will talk about local changemakers and how civic technology can be the best way to encourage citizens to organize, participate and act in government.

Anne-Marie Slaughter

President and CEO, New America

In Conversation with Megan Rose Dickey

Reporter, TechCrunch