Meet the New, Improved Learning Curve

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Photo: Photo by Daniel Michelson
Media Outlet: Voice of San Diego

Mario Koran writes for Voice of San Diego about the necessaries of parental involvement in children's success:

Decades of research tells us parent involvement is one of the most important factors in a student’s success. But parent involvement can mean a lot of things, from choosing a school to assisting with homework and engaging with teachers. And parents need the tools and information to do it.

Most all of us have had some kind of experience with public schools – whether as students, parents or taxpayers.

Yet, a lot of what school officials say about what’s actually happening in classrooms is shrouded in mystery. Often, traditional education reporters simply repeat official messages and fail to untangle the edu-speak.



Mario Koran was a 2016 New America CA fellow. He is an education reporter for Voice of San Diego, an online investigative news outlet.