Congress is Working. You Just Haven't Heard About it.

Article/Op-Ed in New America
July 28, 2016

Conventions are wrapping and peak campaign season is upon us. Candidates at all levels will soon traverse states and districts aiming to connect and convince. From right to left, blue to red, the list of grievances and solutions will vary, but one common thread will run through them all: affirming and confirming the public’s low opinion of Congress.

Each party will accuse the other of obstructionism; incumbents will cite unsuccessful battles waged and good fights fought; challengers will compile lists of shortfalls. But one of the best kept secrets in Washington will get nary a mention: The legislative record of the 114th Congress (which runs from January 2015 through January 2017) is one of the most productive in recent years, due to considerable compromise and cooperation among members of both parties on key issues. And that is the last thing that either party wants you to know.