Bretton Woods II: Strategic Investment for the Long-Term

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Media Outlet: LEADERS Magazine

Tomicah Tillemann was profiled in Leaders Magazine

What excited you about this opportunity and how have you defined it?
Opportunities don’t come much bigger. We’re living in a world with a huge quantum of capital and a huge quantum of problems. Those problems – climate change, poor governance, pandemics – have a devastating impact on their immediate victims and also prove to be very expensive for the world’s largest asset owners. Bretton Woods II grew out of a realization that we could use strategic investments in social impact and development to reduce exposure to risk and volatility, and improve investors’ risk-adjusted returns in the process. Mobilizing some of the world’s largest pools of capital – sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments, and family offices – to address these problems turns out to be a huge win for everyone. It’s the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

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Tomicah Tillemann is a leader in the fields of civic innovation and social finance. He serves as Director of the Bretton Woods II program at New America. He and his team work with the world's largest asset owners to reduce risk and volatility through strategic investments in social impact and development. He is also Co-founder of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator, Chair of the Global Blockchain Business Council, and a member of the Advisory Board of the BitFury Group, a leading full-service Blockchain company.