Crisis Conversations: Is our childcare system nearing its breaking point?

May 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is completely upending the way we work, live, connect with one another and what we expect from our government, communities and each other. It’s all happening so fast that stress levels and anxiety are sky high. That’s why the Better Life Lab is hosting a weekly interactive conversation for people to come together, share stories and begin to make sense of what’s unfolding and what it could mean for the future of gender equity, health, how we work and how we live.

Crisis Conversations–Live from Better Life Lab is hosted by Brigid Schulte and produced by David Schulman.

The coronavirus crisis is upending the way we work, live, connect with one another. This week, we look at how the coronavirus pandemic is straining an already fragile child care system. The crisis is showing clearly how central child care is to our economy and society. How are parents coping? How are early care educators, providers and care workers surviving? How do we build a better child care system for the future?

To take on these questions, Better Life Lab's Brigid Schulte is joined by:

  • Lillian Mongeau, West Coast Bureau Chief of the Hechinger Report
  • Catherine White, Director of Child Care and Early Learning at the National Women's Law Center
  • Rashondah Anderson, lead child care teacher in Binghamton, NY
  • Patricia Moran, family home care provider in San Jose and member of SEIU 521

To hear more of this episode including stories and questions from callers, click here. You can also find this episode wherever you listen to your podcasts. The video and transcript of the conversation are down below.

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