Why More And More Women Are Choosing To Freeze Their Eggs

In The News Piece in the Diane Rehm Show
March 23, 2016

Brigid Schulte joined the Diane Rehm Show to discuss why women are choosing to freeze their eggs, and waiting longer to start families:

And that's why you've got these efforts in -- right now they're in the states, right now California, New Jersey and Rhode Island. They have the only statewide paid family leave programs just for this very reason. Because there are the big employers who can afford these kinds of -- or should be able to afford these kinds of employee benefits. You know, the United States is the only advanced economy that does not have a national paid family leave scheme.
It's us and Papua New Guinea. So there is a lot of good evidence about other countries have been able to do this to support their families. You know, the cost of entry into creating a family in the United States is very, very high. We do not make it easy for people to start families. We do not make it easy for people to make these decisions, which is one of the reasons why people end up delaying.