Dads say they want to be equal caregiving partners. Now they just need to do it.

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Feb. 4, 2021

Brigid Schulte's latest report, Providing Care Changes Men, was highlighted in The Broadsheet, Fortune's daily newsletter:

This morning, Fortune’s Maria Aspan reports on fresh research from New America, which sheds light on some of these caretaking dynamics. The think tank finds that 80% of men—and 91% of all survey respondents—say men and women should share care work equally. So far, so good. But, here’s the rub: only 46% of respondents said that’s what happens in real life.
New America kept digging, and found that many of the men who do take on a significant portion of caretaking have something in common: they’ve done it before. Indeed, many of these men are or have been “high-intensity” caregivers, responsible for an adult, or a child with medical or behavioral issues.
“Whether they choose to, or they have to—[that experience as a caregiver] that’s what changes them. That’s this transformative experience in their lives,” Brigid Schulte, director of New America’s Better Life Lab and author of the report, tells Maria. “So as a society, how do we get men from this abstract notion that care is valuable, and that they should do it, to actually doing it?”
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