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Power Lunch with Brigid Schulte

Brigid Schulte appeared on a “Bossed Up” #FierceFall webinar aimed at ambitious, mid career women about how to craft a sustainable career pa

Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of the Young Women Who Are Transforming the Arab World

Katherine Zoepf, a journalist who has covered the Middle East for the New York Times, fluidly merges memoir with reportage while showing the

On Work, Love & Play: An Interview with Brigid Schulte

Globoforce published a Q and A with Brigid Schulte: "On Work, Love and Play."

Stressed? Find ways to beat burnout and do what matters most

USA Today's Modern Woman quoted Brigid Schulte in an article on women and stress.

The Truth About the "Having it All" Lie

She sparked a national debate with her 2012 article "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," about combining career and motherhood. In her new b

A "Lean In" for Dads?

His style may be over the top, but his urgency is commendable. Levs is right that the work-life balance debate is mainly happening among wom

'War of Women' panel: Change is on the way for military culture

The panel, which came together at Washington's New America Foundation on June 10, explored Lemmon's book in the context of what the future h

Just How Female-Friendly Is Obama's White House?

In June 2012, Anne-Marie Slaughter, the current president and CEO of the New America Foundation, wrote a much-read cover story for the Atlan

Beyond the Jihadi Bride: Our Distorted Understanding of Women’s Motivations to Join Extremist Organizations

This article aims to first, examine the growing phenomenon of female foreign fightersfrom the West to Iraq and Syria and second, discuss pos


Mundy, director of the Breadwinning & Caregiving Program at New America, says that paternity leave doesn't just allow men more time to conne

Debating U.S. Foreign Policy: Where are the Women?

“I do think there’s this sense [among women that what they send to editors] has got to be really, really good, and honestly there’s a point

Parental Leave Could be for Dad, Too

Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of the New America Foundation, said offering paternity leave would mean more workplace equality for