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Changing Roles And Workplace Policies For Fathers

Brigid Schulte was on the Diane Rehm Show discussing changing roles and workplace policies for fathers.

A Modern Family Leave Policy In America

Brigid Schulte was interviewed about her recent op-ed on paid family leave by Wisconsin Public Radio.

Work-Life (Im)Balance

Brigid Schulte was covered in Beyond about work-life balance and her book, "Overwhelmed."

Women Face Different ‘Likability’ Tests Running for Executive Offices Than Men

Jay Newton-Small's appearance on MSNBC to talk about likeability tests for female candidates was covered in Breitbart.

How Politics is Being Transformed by Women

The University of Chicago Institute of Women in Politics featured Jay Newton-Small in a video about how women are transforming politics.

Trump playing ‘woman card’ against Hillary could backfire

Jay Newton-Small was quoted in the Chicago Sun Times about Donald Trump's chances with women.

The State of Paid Family Leave in the US

Brigid Schulte was interviewed by Southern California Public Radio about the state of paid family leave and her book, Overwhelmed.

Hillary & Women

Jay Newton-Small's book, Broad Influence, was reviewed in the New York Review of Books.

Why More And More Women Are Choosing To Freeze Their Eggs

Brigid Schulte joined the Diane Rehm Show to discuss why women are choosing to freeze their eggs, and waiting longer to start families.

The Work That Makes Work Possible

Whether it’s childcare, elder care, or self-care, caregiving plays a central role in keeping America’s economy going.

The Sexist Double Standards Hurting Hillary Clinton

Jay Newton-Small was quoted in the Washington Post about the sexist double standards hurting Hillary Clinton.

How a Critical Mass of Women Can Change an Institution

Jay Newton-Small was interviewed by PBS Newshour about her book, Broad Influence.