[ONLINE] - The Future of Reporting on Child Care


Child care in the United States is broken. Even before the pandemic, consistent, high-quality care was unreachable for millions of families across the country. Since then, tens of thousands of providers have shut down, and nearly 90,000 workers have left the sector in search of better pay and benefits. For the last year, the staff of the Better Life Lab have been tracking this crisis, and, with the help of online magazine Early Learning Nation, reporting on the most promising and important solutions advocates, innovators, educators, and parents are pursuing for a brighter future.

Since 2020, journalistic coverage of the early learning and care crisis in the U.S. has exploded. For the first time in decades, the urgent needs of families with young children and the desperate work conditions for early childhood teachers have become front page news.

What would it take to bring child care in the U.S. from the tattered patchwork of today to an equitable, universal system for all kids and families? Join the reporting team from New America's Better Life Lab and reporters from across the nation for a discussion of lessons learned about how to tell the stories of the U.S.'s failing child care markets and the successes and triumphs of early education advocates and innovators.


Brigid Schulte, @BrigidSchulte
Director, Better Life Lab, New America


Haley Swenson, PhD, @HaleySSwenson
Research and Reporting Fellow, Better Life Lab, New America


Ai Binh T. Ho, PhD, @AiBinhHo1
ACLS Leading Edge Fellow, Better Life Lab, New America

Rebecca Gale, @Beckgale
Reporting Fellow, Better Life Lab, New America


Jack Rooney, @RooneyReports
Deputy Local News Editor, The Keene Sentinel

Jackie Mader, @jackiemader
Author, The Hechinger Report

Patty Machelor, @pattymachStar
Reporter, The Arizona Daily Star / La Estrella de Tucsón

Sonja Sharp, @sic_sonja
Metro Reporter, Los Angeles Times