[ONLINE] Crisis Conversations — Live From Better Life Lab

Session IX

The coronavirus crisis is upending the way we work, live, connect with one another and expect from our government, businesses, communities and each other. Even as businesses begin to reopen, the rapid changes have shown deep cracks in the system. That’s why the Better Life Lab is hosting a weekly interactive conversation for people to come together, share stories, make sense of what’s unfolding and, more importantly, explore what we’re learning in order to create a better, fairer future of work and family. We’ll be on Zoom, so you can connect from the comfort of wherever you are social distancing.

Join us on Friday, May 22 at 1 pm Eastern time, for a 30-minute interactive conversation on elder care – a population hard hit by the virus. The pandemic has shown just how essential the home health workers are who care for our aging loved ones. Yet many of these care workers struggle with no benefits on the brink of poverty. Except in Washington state. Listen to the stories of how an innovative arrangement there could be a model for the rest of the country - now and after the pandemic - in providing decent work and better care.


Brigid Schulte
Director, Better Life Lab at New America


Brittany Williams
Home health worker in Seattle and member SEIU 775

Peter Nazzal
Catholic Community Services of Western Washington director of Long Term Care

Stephen Campbell
Data and Policy analyst with PHI and author of We Can Do Better: How our Broken Long-term Care System Undermines Care