A New Agenda For Working Families: How To Gain Economic Security In A Changing Economy


Families are facing new challenges in today's 21st century economy. New America's Work & Family Program is presenting its fourth event in a series entitled "The Stresses on 21st Century Families." This event series will provide a venue for discussing the current state of American families, including their need for increased workplace flexibility to balance work and family commitments as well as new policy approaches for addressing the changing needs of working families. In this fourth event, "A New Agenda for Working Families," MIT's Tom Kochan, author of Working in America: A Blueprint for the New Labor Market, will present data on the economic status of today's families and propose an agenda for increasing family economic security.


The New America Foundation
1630 Connecticut Ave., NW 7th Floor
Washington, DC, 20009


  • Thomas Kochan
    Co-Director, MIT Workplace Center and MIT Institute for Work & Employment Research

  • Jon S Corzine
    (D-NJ), United States Senate

  • Susan Meisinger
    President, Society for Human Resources Management

  • Chris Owens
    Director of Public Policy, AFL-CIO

  • Donna Klein
    President and CEO, Corporate Voices for Working Families