The Science of Work-Life Balance, and the Future of Work & Wellbeing

An overview of the Better Life Lab's projects on workplace redesign.
June 1, 2022

Research has shown that the way Americans work – intense and long hours, work-life and work-work conflict, unpredictable workloads and schedules – reinforces gender inequality and creates so much stress that research shows the workplace itself has now become a leading cause of ill health and even death. As technology has enabled work to spill into evening and weekend hours, and algorithms, not humans, set work schedules, many Americans feel they don’t have enough time for family, themselves, or the things that make life worth living. There has to be a better way. How can we organize work for better effectiveness, work-life balance, health and equity?

What is The Good Life in the 21st century, and how can all people live it? Our mission in the Science of Work-Life Balance, Health & Wellbeing Project is to find out. This collection consists of reports, articles, and resources produced by the Better Life Lab. Explore this page to learn more about our research, toolkits, and writings on this topic.