All Our Resources on the COVID-19 Crisis

See how the Better Life Lab is responding to COVID-19 and reporting about its impact on work, life, and caregiving in the U.S.
June 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has resulted in the closure of schools across the country, led companies to implement work-from-home policies, introduced the practice of physical distancing to reduce transmission rates, and exposed the dire need for and devastating lack of social policies designed to support workers and families.

In light of COVID-19, work-family public policies related to accessible childcare and paid family and medical leave have been key political issues. In response to the health and economic crisis, policymakers and political leaders have taken concrete action on these issues for the first time in decades. Still, families continue to grapple with the growing weight of work and caregiving responsibilities at home, and many employees–without access to paid sick leave–are forced to continue working, to the detriment of their wellbeing and public health.

To better understand how COVID-19 is changing the way we work, live, and care, we will continue to track federal emergency response policies, report on caregivers' needs, create resources to asses corporate responses, and initiate conversations on how the pandemic has impacted individuals and their communities.

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