Is Hillary Clinton 'Likable Enough'?

Article/Op-Ed in Time
a katz /
May 25, 2016

Jay Newton-Small writes for Time about Hillary Clinton's "likability":

How much do voters have to like their politicians?

The conventional wisdom used to be that voters didn’t feel they had to like their members of Congress—they’d prefer them to be fighters, adept at bringing home the bacon and protecting constituent interests in Washington. But voters did want to like their presidents, someone they were signing up to watch on television a fair amount for the next four years. Presidential wannabes had to pass the I’d-want-to-have-a-beer-with-them test.

Those days seem to be over. GOP nominee-presumptive Donald Trump and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are entering a general election with the highest and second-highest disapproval ratings of any candidates of either party, respectively. Ever. But while few people worry about whether Trump is likable, Democrats and pundits have spent the week fretting about why Clinton isn’t liked more.