A Father's Day Wish

This Father's Day, I'm thinking about the many ways that dads and moms keep the ever-whirling merry-go-round of life with small kids managea

Ousting Women Leaders

In June 2011, Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock praised the company’s first female chief executive, Carol Bartz, at the annual shareholder meeting.

D.C. Is Debbie Dingell’s Town

Washington’s most powerful political wife is running for Congress. Why would she even want the job?

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work Too Hard

Because Americans work among the most hours of any advanced country in the world, save South Korea and Japan, where they’ve had to invent a

Monica Lewinsky, Reconsidered

Like it or not, we’re having a national flashback to the 1990s—replete with images of thong underwear near the Oval Office, semen-stained bl

A Saudi Woman Is Threatened After Tweeting About Beards

The controversy began—as virtually all political and religious debate in Saudi Arabia does these days—with a provocative tweet.

Book World: ‘HRC,’ Inside Clinton’s State Dept. and the Political Machine

Loyalty: such a rich and complex word. It emerges as a theme through the book.

The Most Judged Woman in America

Wendy Davis did make a mistake. She thought that we were ready for a single mother.


A women’s revolution has begun in Saudi Arabia, although it may not be immediately evident.

Daddy Track

It makes men more involved at home, women more involved at work, and workplaces friendlier for all parents.

Working Parents in High-Powered Jobs

The concept of "specialization" in families is having a renaissance.

The 70-Year-Old Trophy Wife

When envisioning a gleaming, medically enhanced future in which things like implant technology, super-personalized medicine, and organ regen