Policy Papers

Investing in Children

Properly designed and integrated Child Development Accounts can have lasting, positive effects on children's educational development.

Children's Savings Accounts

Research and experience in the field consistently supports the thesis that CSA's can help the next generation achieve the American Dream.

Solving the Retirement Puzzle

MyRAs could help to achieve the dual goal of promoting both short- and long-term financial security.

Rebalancing the Scales

The 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty naturally prompts reflection on how much progress has been made and how to chart a path forward.

The Financial Health Check

Redesign financial education and counseling to close the gap between intention and action.

Connecting Tax Time to Financial Security

Families that would greatly benefit from increased savings are missed by the current incentives delivered through the tax code.

Asset-Oriented Rental Assistance

Federally funded rental assistance programs address housing-related hardship, but are unable to reach a majority of eligible households.

Designing California's Secure Choice Savings Program

Increasing access to retirement savings plans and creating incentives for to participate is crucial to build opportunities.

Ohio’s Tax Time Coalition

A look at the Ohio Tax Time Coalition and its mission provide free, high-quality tax assistance services to low-income communities.

Beyond the Buzz

A look at the use of mobile phones to promote financial inclusion for youth in developing countries.

Hope or Hype?

this paper examines whether mobile solutions offer the youth financial inclusion field immense hope, or just hype.

Beyond the Buzz: The Allure and Challenge of Using Mobile Phones to Increase Youth Financial Inclusion

This brief outlines the barriers and highlights the policy levers that could be tapped to promote financial inclusion amongst youth.