Electoral Reform Research Group

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With growing national interest in reforming American political institutions, we at New America, the Scholars Strategy Network, Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, and the R Street Institute are working to expand research on electoral reform. We are organizing emerging research into how changes in electoral rules impact political participation, processes, partisanship, power, and policy outcomes. Our immediate focus is on ranked-choice voting, but we view ranked-choice voting as part of a broader range of potential voting reforms.

Last year, the Electoral Reform Research Group (ERRG) released a call for proposals for research into the impacts of electoral reforms. After reviewing the applications, the ERRG organizing committee, with the help of the advisory board, selected 14 projects to advance to a research development workshop in Washington, DC. Topics covered by the accepted proposals include minority representation, voter satisfaction, information and complexity, moderation and ideological representation, and polarization. Below is the list of projects that the ERRG has approved. Their findings will ultimately be published by New America, academic journals, and other outlets.

  • Evaluating Voter Experiences and the Traits of Supported Candidates in Ranked Choice Elections (J. Trounstine, M. Crowder-Meyer, S. Gadarian)
  • How do citizens evaluate ranking? (C. Plescia, S. Sevi, A. Blais)
  • STV Muni Analysis (M. Shugart, M. Latner)
  • The Sources of Voter Error with Ranking Ballots (J. Maloy)
  • Representation and Ranked-Choice Voting (A. Vishwanath)
  • Ranked-Choice Voting, Runoff, and Democracy: Insights from Maine and other U.S. States (C. McClintock, J. Cerrone)
  • Does Ranked-Choice Voting Reduce Racial Polarization? (Y. Atsusaka)
  • An Experiment Testing Public Support for Ranked Choice Voting (D. Kimball, J. Anthony)
  • RCV and Minority Representation (T. Weighill, M. Duchin, G. Benade, D. Gold, R. Buck)
  • East-coast and National Experimental Tests of Candidate Entry under Single-seat Ranked-choice Voting, with Measurement of Attitudes toward Descriptive Representation (J. Scott, J. Santucci)
  • Ranked Choice Voting and Candidate Extremity (M. Baker, K Herzog)
  • Impact of Electoral Context on Affective Polarization (Y. Lelkes)
  • Understanding the Support for Ranked-Choice Voting in Two Southern Cities (B. Liu, M. Cobb, R. Engstrom)
  • Who Ranks Best (and Least) among Us? An Experimental Study of Voter Decision-Making and Political Information in Ranked-Choice Voting Systems (S. MacKenzie, C. Boudreau)

Lee Drutman - Senior Fellow, Political Reform Program, New America
Didi Kuo - Senior Research Scholar, Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, Stanford University
Avi Green - Executive Director, Scholars Strategy Network
Kevin Kosar - Vice President of Policy, R Street Institute

Heather Balas - Good Government Reform Policy Officer, Thornburg Foundation
George Cheung - Director, More Equitable Democracy
Larry Diamond - Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
Francis Fukuyama - Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
Keesha Gaskins-Nathan - Director, Democratic Practice–United States program, Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Ruth Greenwood - Co-Director, Voting Rights and Redistricting, Campaign Legal Center
Kristen A. Johnson - Assistant Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
Yuval Levin - Director, Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies, American Enterprise Institute; Editor in Chief, National Affairs
Michael Li - Senior Counsel, Democracy, Brennan Center for Justice
Sam Mar - Vice President, Office of the Co-Chairs, Arnold Ventures
Eric Maskin - Adams University Professor, Harvard University
Jeanne Massey - Executive Director, FairVote Minnesota
Zachery Morris - LDF/Fried Frank Fellow, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
Maria Perez - Principal Consultant, Democracy in Action
Ezra Rosenberg - Co-Director, Voting Rights Project, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Daniel Stid - Director, Madison Initiative, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Charles Stewart III - Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science, MIT
Nick Troiano - Executive Director, Unite America
Jessica Trounstine - Professor of Political Science, University of California, Merced