President Obama Announces Support For Set-Top Box Reform

FCC Effort to ‘Unlock the Box’ Would Unleash Competition, Innovation
Press Release
April 15, 2016

Today, President Obama announced his support for the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) effort to promote competition in the market for set-top navigation devices. The president is also expected to take the unusual step of personally filing comments in the FCC’s proceeding. New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) has long supported set-top box reform and called on the FCC last year to create a technical standard that would foster third-party device competition.

The following quote can be attributed to Joshua Stager, policy counsel for New America’s Open Technology Institute:

“The president recognizes what consumers have long known: the market for set-top devices is broken. The antiquated boxes that most consumers rent from their cable provider are needlessly overpriced, difficult to use, and drain more energy than a refrigerator. These are all signs of a failed market that needs more consumer choice and innovation. We applaud the FCC’s efforts to unleash competition and welcome the president’s support for this important work.”