Wireless Net Neutrality

One Internet, One Set of Rules

This week, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed net neutrality rules that would apply not just to wired internet providers such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable, but also to wireless carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. "I propose to fully apply—for the first time ever—those bright-line rules to mobile broadband," Wheeler explained. The FCC is expected to vote on this proposal February 26.

Strong net neutrality rules that bring mobile and wired broadband under a common regulatory framework is a complete turnaround for the FCC. The FCC largely exempted mobile broadband from its 2010 Open Internet Order—and proposed a similar exemption for new rules as recently as last May. For a variety of reasons, the Chairman has concluded that a single set of rules for wireline and wireless broadband services best serves the public interest.

Senator Al Franken will lead off this Congressional briefing with his perspective on what is perhaps the most consequential consumer protection and technology policy issue of the decade. Our expert panel will then examine the question of mobile parity from a variety of perspectives: civil rights, technical feasibility, legal authority and the impact on innovation and investment in the adjacent markets for Internet apps, content and services. We hope you can join us.

Click here to download a 2-page brief (PDF) to learn more about the 5 major reasons why the FCC can and should implement strong net neutrality rules on mobile wireless networks.

Click here to download a 4-page summary (PDF) of how net neutrality is technically feasible on mobile networks.

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Opening Remarks:

Senator Al Franken (D-MN)


Michael Scurato
Policy Director, National Hispanic Media Coalition

Andrew Afflerbach
CEO and Director of Engineering, CTC Technology and Energy

Michael Calabrese
Director, Wireless Future Project, New America’s Open Technology Institute

Althea Erickson
Director of Public Policy, Etsy


Sarah Morris Senior Policy Counsel, New America’s Open Technology Institute

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