Your Work May Be Killing You


Professional workers in the United States put in some of the longest hours of any advanced economy. Advances in technology that we thought would free workers to work anywhere, anytime, have instead tied people to the office from everywhere, all the time.

Our always-on culture is even worse for low-wage workers—facing chaotic, unpredictable schedules and increasing uncertainty in their job futures. All of this over-exposure adds up to a high-stress, toxic work environment for all workers that makes us sicker than second-hand smoke and increases the chances of dying an early death by 20 percent. And to add insult to injury: it hasn't even led to better work. So why are we killing ourselves? And more importantly, how do we stop?

Join New America's Better Life Lab and ideas42, along with a panel of health experts, behavioral scientists, and business leaders, to discuss the real costs of work-life conflict and how to design innovative interventions for promoting better work and healthier, happier lives.


Matt Darling @besttrousers
Vice President, ideas42

Barbara Wankoff @bwankoff
Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion, KPMG

Sarita Gupta @SaritaSGupta
Executive Director, Jobs With Justice
Co-Director, Caring Across Generations

Leigh Stringer @string0820
Senior Workplace Expert, EYP Architecture & Engineering
Author, The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees—and Boost Your Company's Bottom Line

Amit Bhatia @amiglobe
Co-founder, Tapwage

Brigid Schulte @BrigidSchulte
Director, Better Life Lab, New America
Author, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has The Time

This event is presented with generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.