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Data Site

Homegrown Extremism in the United States, World of Drones, U.S. Strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia

The data site houses all of the databases that the program has compiled in its effort to bring greater transparency to the issues of global combat and non-combat drone proliferation; U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia; the activities of U.S. Special Forces; and the existence of jihadist extremists who have been indicted for terrorism in the United States. They are maintained and updated on a regular basis based on open-source material and reports from credible news sources.

The expansion of the U.S. drone program under President Barack Obama versus his predecessor, George W. Bush, is striking as it continues to redefine U.S. involvement in global conflicts. New America tracks strikes in Pakistanand Yemenand the activities of U.S. Special Forces on the ground as well as U.S. air and drone strikes in Somalia. In order to ensure full transparency and accountability for the United States' actions, New America tracks the number of combatants and civilians who are reported killed in each strike or on-the-ground operation.

Access to New America's International Security Data Sites:

Homegrown Extremism

World of Drones

Pakistan Drones

Yemen Strikes

Somalia Strikes