The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain

The past few decades—and especially these pandemic times—have pushed us to sit hunched over our laptops and smartphones, sorting through overwhelming streams of information and playing mind-enhancing apps to try to make our brains work ever more efficiently. But what if this is the wrong approach to becoming better thinkers? A new book by acclaimed science writer Annie Murphy Paul uses new findings from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make that case.

The Extended Mind shows how humanity has achieved its most impressive feats only by thinking outside the brain: by “extending” the brain’s power with resources borrowed from the body, other people, and the material world.

Join New America's Fellows Program, The Learning Sciences Exchange fellows program, and Future Tense for a conversation with Annie Murphy Paul, current LSX Fellow and National Fellows Class of 2014 and, Nick Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic and former National Fellow, about how and why to rethink the art of thinking.

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Annie Murphy Paul, @anniemurphypaul
2020 LSX Fellow and 2014 National Fellow, New America
Author, The Extended Mind

Nick Thompson, @nxthompson
Former National Fellow; Senior Research Fellow, Future Tense
CEO, The Atlantic

Copies of The Extended Mind are available for purchase here through our bookselling partner Solid State Books.

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