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Reengaging and Preparing Learners for the Post-Pandemic Economy

Postsecondary career and technical education (CTE) is critical for equipping youth and adults with the academic knowledge, technical skills, and credentials necessary to enter and succeed in the labor market. Yet many postsecondary CTE programs have experienced major disruptions during the pandemic—with the experiential and work-based learning components being challenging to maintain given public health requirements. At the same time, community colleges, the primary provider of postsecondary CTE, have seen their student populations decline by 13 percent since the start of the pandemic. The drop has been particularly steep for Black and Indigenous men.

Join New America’s Center on Education & Labor from 1-2pm EST on Monday, February 28, for a webinar highlighting how community colleges are redesigning CTE programs and student supports to retain and reengage learners during the COVID-19 crisis in support of an inclusive economic recovery.

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Pam Eddinger, PhD
, @PamEddinger
President of Bunker Hill Community College

Peter Taylor, @ECMCFoundation
President of the ECMC Foundation

Lul Tesfai, @lul_tesfai
Senior Policy Advisor with the Center on Education and Labor at New America

Jean-Christophe Sakouhi, @DallasCollegeTX
Student at Dallas College

Caroline Hendrie, @chendrie (moderator)
Education Writers Association