[ONLINE] - Is the National Security Field Actually Becoming Less Diverse?


While the national security community talks about diversity as a strategic asset, mounting evidence suggests that both in and out of government we are trending backwards. A growing body of research and experience says that trend can have life-and-death policy consequences, from FEMA’s response to Hurricane Maria (as documented by GAO) to nuclear weapons policy (as we found in our March 2019 report, "The ‘Consensual Straitjacket’: Four Decades of Women in Nuclear Security".) Can our choices about the ways we frame U.S. responses to COVID-19 and great power competition with Beijing actually be harmful here at home? How does inclusion shape innovation and policy outcomes?

Join the New Models of Policy Change Initiative for a conversation about diversity backsliding in the national security community--and what that means for policy outcomes. This on-line only event will be the first in a series exploring the cutting-edge of where policy thinking is changing, and who is at the table.


The Honorable Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
, @AmbGinaAW
Ambassador (Ret.)
Ambassador-in-residence, Oberlin College

Mieke Eoyang, @MiekeEoyang
Vice President for the National Security Program and Chairperson of the Cyber Enforcement Initiative, Third Way

Dr. Sara Z. Kutchesfahani, @SafeguardSara
Director, N Square DC Hub


Heather Hurlburt
, @natsecHeather
Director, New Models of Policy Change, New America