Amazon: As EU Continues Scrutiny of US Tech Giants, Amazon is Increasingly Vulnerable in US to Antitrust Enforcement for Exclusionary Conduct in Books

Amazon’s potential antitrust risk is wide-ranging.
Policy Paper
June 8, 2016

Amazon’s potential antitrust risk is wide-ranging. While Amazon operates in many markets in the U.S. and abroad, and while the company’s antitrust risk is wide-ranging, this article focuses on the potential for an antitrust case in the U.S. against Amazon in the book market. Future articles will focus on both domestic and foreign antitrust risk in Amazon’s Web Services business, Amazon’s practice of monitoring third party sellers and undercutting them with Amazon-branded products, Amazon’s role in the shipping industry, Amazon’s discriminatory pricing and Amazon’s role in marketplaces of ideas, including books, television, movie, music and news businesses.