White Right: Meeting the Enemy

A Conversation with Deeyah Khan

"I am the daughter of immigrants. I am a Muslim. I am a feminist. I am a lefty liberal. And what I want to ask you is: am I also your enemy?"–Deeyah Khan

With a US President propagating anti-Muslim propaganda, the far-right gaining ground in European elections, hate crimes rising in the UK, and divisive populist rhetoric infecting political and public discourse across Western democracies, Deeyah Khan's new film, "White Right: Meeting the Enemy" asks why. And to do so, she focuses her lens first, on who.

Following her lauded film, Jihad – in which she spoke to radicalized British Muslims who found themselves full of regret – Khan joins the frontline of the race wars in America. She sits face-to-face with fascists, racists and the proponents of the "alt-right" ideologies to understand the men behind the masks, in hopes of finding a new path towards empathy and the possibility that bigotry can become a thing of the past.

Join us for a screening of White Right: Meeting the Enemy and a conversation with Deeyah Khan and Anand Giridharadas  as they discuss what prompts our prejudices and how facing our so-called enemies is essential for future reconciliation.

Deeyah Khan @Deeyah_Khan
Director, White Right: Meeting the Enemy
Founder, Sister-Hood

Anand Giridharadas @AnandWrites
Journalist and Author: The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas

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This event is presented in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General.